219/366 Bag Organiser

My great find

Any one that knows me knows that I have a penchant for handbags. I’m not bothered whether they are big ones, small ones, shoulder, arm, clutch, back pack or what colour! I’ve got  about 20 at the moment and that’s after a clear out about 6 months ago.
I find it hard to pass any shop selling bags, always popping in for a look, hoping that something special will catch my eye. If I see competitions to win handbags I never pass on them.

The bag I’m using everyday (at the moment!) is from Accessorize that I bought in the sale. It’s a very spacious backpack and has a few pockets on the exterior.  When I saw the picture on their website I thought it would be ideal for my use, a capacious interior with exterior pockets for my phone and camera.  I was hoping that the pockets would be more secure but they are only secured by a popper,  I didn’t want to risk losing my 2 precious items so they were placed inside the bag with everything else.
There is however a problem with a capacious interior, you put all your bits and pieces in and pull the drawstring, pull the flap over and press the poppers. You get to a shop and get ready to pay, take the bag off your back, un-pop the poppers, pull open the drawstring then rummage for the next minute or so looking for your purse that has decided to go on walkabout in the depths of your bag!! This is whilst the shop assistant is giving you the evil eye!!

My current daily bag

Well this happened once too often, I was in a queue in Primark and spotted a bag organiser on a shelf. It has a main pocket with 2 small ones on the back, one small pocket at each end and another on the front along with pen/pencil slots. In the main pocket there is a zipped pocket and a long tab with a keyhook on it. Well at £3 I wasn’t going to pass on it. I got to the counter, eventually found my purse and took my booty home.

My bag is now well-organized and I can (usually) find everything quickly. It also means I just gather it up and pop it into any of my other bigger bags.

Bag organiser

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2 comments on “219/366 Bag Organiser

  1. Melanie Edjourian says:

    wow, gr8 for £3 hun x

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