215 to 217/366 Out and about

Well here I am catching up AGAIN!!

It’s been a hectic and worrying few days. Youngest son (YS) working away had his contract terminated – the company has run out of work! Only problem is he’s put in the notice for his home down here and terminated the services!

So on friday YS came back home, car rammed full of his belongings. He’s got a week left in his own home then most of his belongings will go into storage until he’s back on his feet. In the meantime he’ll move back in with us. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that! He’s not the tidiest of people and Hubby is a bit OCD about keeping the house tidy…cue arguments!! He’s also got the job hunt to start again. Luckily (up to now anyway) he’s one of those people who falls in s*** and come out smelling of roses!

So here’s the piccies from the last few days. We’ve been out walking locally trying to keep sane!

First up Holly, then Ivy, then some blackberries proving Autumn is on the way!!




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2 comments on “215 to 217/366 Out and about

  1. Lovely nature shots, I am looking forward to taking The Boy blackberry picking and hope to make my own bramble jelly this year.

    Such a shame for YS, I hope he manages to find something soon.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you! It’s years since I made bramble jelly! I may have to think of taking a box with us in a few weeks time to gather berries!

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