211/366 Hubby Vs Gardening

Hubby has got fed up with our Honeysuckle. It grows grew against the fence in the back garden. Our side of the fence is north facing and the honeysuckle had grown quite well but over the years the main stem had thickened and the main growth was near the top of the fence.

I prune it every year but Hubby had got it in his mind that a good cut back would be good. I thought he meant to about 2 feet off the ground… but he cut it back to a few INCHES and below any possible shoots.  GRRR I’m not going to let him loose with the shears again! We’ve had to buy a new plant to replace it but there isn’t much choice for a north facing position. So in a day or so we’ll be planting a white climbing hydrangea. We already have a very pale pink one further  down the fence that has grown well.

This is what it looked like about a year ago – it’s the one on the left.

Honeysuckle as it was on the left

This is what it looks like after Hubby set about cutting it down!!

What it looks like now

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