203/366 Is it really 2 years today?

Two years ago today was my last day at LloydsTSB after being made redundant. They say time flies when you’re fun, well I’d agree with the time flies part but not the fun!! It’s not really much fun spending a couple of hours most days pouring over the many job sites scouring for job. The latest thing of course is ‘networking’ HA!!!! how can you network when almost everyone you know was also made redundant!
I’ve got used to not having an income (and I did have a good income!) and I don’t have to dip into savings too often. When /If I ever get another job the first thing I’m going to do is book a 5* holiday to the Caribbean or Mexico for me and Hubby, I really miss our ‘posh’ holidays!
I’ve applied for quite a few jobs and got to interview stages for a few too. I applied for one last week – the first in about 3 months – I could tick every box on their job advert but still ended up with this…blah blah blah…

Ah well … at least I can start applying back with the bank now that the 2 year embargo is over!! –Hmmm but would I??

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2 comments on “203/366 Is it really 2 years today?

  1. disheartening isnt it. my oh been out of worked for about 4 years now and there is just nothing, not even a penny in benefits cos I work. I have looked for a 2nd job but all want you available flexible 3, 4 or 5 over 7 and that would interfere with job I have . If they would just offer me set hrs and days to fit with the set hrs and days I currently have then I would take a 2nd job

    • Sue says:

      It annoys me that I’ve paid tax and NI all my working life and now get nothing because OH works. Yet when my boys were living home and had a spell of unemployment they got benefits even though we were both working!! It just doesn’t make sense.. plus they say about youth unemployment with out a thought for those of us over 50 who decide not to have the indignity of signing on for nothing. Oh dear… I’ll get off my soap box now and have a calm down!!

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