199/366 – 201/366 Trip to Roath Park

I’m having a bit of crisis at the moment with my photos! I managed to fill my memory card yesterday and swapped it for my spare. Now I can’t find the full one!! I knew I should have popped it in my camera case but I put it in my copious handbag and despite a good rummage I can’t find it.

You’ve missed out on a recipe for Pork and Apple pasties and a  seagull in full flight above our house yesterday. I have the recipe all written and drafted so will have to make some more if my memory card doesn’t turn up.

Fortunately I do have a copy of all the other photos but I’m feeling annoyed with myself for missing 2 days of the project. So although it’s breaking the #project366 rules (a little bit anyway) I’m going to post 3 from today so that I can keep on track.

We are looking after our grandson for the next 2 days whilst his Mummy and Daddy enjoys a break at Alton Towers.  As it was dry we decided to take him to Roath Park in Cardiff. It’s a lovely area with well laid gardens, a huge conservatory, a fenced off children’s playground and a lake with lots of waterfowl and birds.
Ashley loved playing on the swings and toddler equipment, he shouted and squealed and cried when we left. The geese by the lake are so used to humans they walk right up to you. We thought Ashley would be scared but he just squealed at them!


Squirrel – taken from about 3 feet away!

Geese that come right up beside you

Ashley having a little bounce whilst granddad keeps him steady!

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If you’d like to read more about the project please click on the 366 badge over there on the right.


4 comments on “199/366 – 201/366 Trip to Roath Park

  1. great photos, especially the squirrel one. x

    • Sue says:

      Thanks. There were quite a few running around the park. I to within 3 feet of this one. They are quite tame as people feed them.

  2. Oh hope you all had fun, love having the grandchildren, gives you an excuse to go the park and play silly. you can count the hairs on the squirrels tail, well taken

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