189/366 Where do cats go when it rains?

Poor Molly – she gets quite irate when the grandson has visited. She won’t come in when he’s here and it takes her a day or two to get her smell back in the house. She wanders around sniffing everything and rubbing against chairs, doors etc..
She also comes in through the back door, takes a few bites of food then walks into the dining room and cries by the french door to go out – even though the back door will still be open.. Dopey pussy!!

We then let her out through the dining room door and she promptly walks back in through the back door.. we got a bit fed up of this so kicked her out (not literally of course!) and shut the back door.

This is her looking sorry for herself under the sunbed in the rain while we were in the warm and dry kitchen!!

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2 comments on “189/366 Where do cats go when it rains?

  1. our dog got to the stage even if the back door was open of woofing to want in….she also use to pick up 1 biscuit, walk across the floor, eat it and go back for another….strange things are animals

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