186/366 BBQ chips

As we’ve not been out for 2 days we decided to go to Cardiff again today. First stop was Tesco for some fuel then a detour to B&Q to get a new cover for our rotary line. So headed off for the A48M to Cardiff. Now for those that don’t know this road..there are several junctions and the one for the BIG B&Q is on a turn off that says Hotels. Hubby was sure it was off the one we follow to go to Cardiff city centre – the junction with the helicopter picture. We came off on this one and he soon realised it was the wrong one. (Kudos to me as I told him it was the one before!!) We travelled back to the previous junction but HE took the wrong turning again!!  My fault of course.. I should have told him it was the next exit – he can’t read signs!! Ah well keep going along this road as it appeared to run parallel to the motorway. We ended up in Lisvane!
By now he was getting irate – another journey where we lost our way – don’t forget this is our territory too – only about 15 miles from home and a journey done many times!! I decided to turn on the data on my phone to access Google Maps, it popped up where we were and I directed him back to the motorway. When we followed the signs for Newport (we decided by now that the visit to Cardiff was done with as it was raining again!!) we ended up at the M4 Castle Gate junction for the big B&Q! We were back where we wanted to be so his fizhog was a bit happier!!
While searching for the line cover we saw some JD wood chips and thought of our son who’s now living in Chester all on his own.  He’d be all over these like a rash!

By the time we left B&Q it was 2:30pm and we were both starving. A quick trip towards home and the local Toby Carvery. Can’t beat a roast mid-week!!

An odd day out but at least we laughed at getting lost on roads we should know like the back of hands – perhaps we both have early onset Alzheimer’s !!

I’d prefer to soak the meat in JD BBQ sauce!

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