181/366 Rain, rain and more rain.

What a dreadful summer we are having in the UK.  Apparently the wettest June on record!

Many areas have been flooded, first was West Wales and yesterday the North of England. People stuck for hours, water running into homes, power failures and hailstones like golf balls!!

We’ve been lucky here and although we live near a reen and the Magor Marsh we’ve never been flooded. However we nearly were in our last house.

In 1988 I was studying Tourism and working in the Pontypool Museum helping to categorise books, maps, photographs and documents in their library. In early February I left for work and it was raining quite hard but I wasn’t too concerned. I left at 1pm to go home and the rain was now torrential, we had been watching it for most of the morning. It was raining so hard the wipers had no effect on the windscreen. I had no option but to drive very slowly. When I got about a mile from home the road was flooded and I drove through with a bow wave almost coming over the bonnet of the car. I knew there was a big chance of the engine failing but I had to keep going. I managed to get through and pumped my brakes to make sure I could stop. It was now nearly 2pm almost an hour to do the 8 miles that usually took me 15 minutes!

I pulled up onto the drive and switched off the engine. I burst into tears I was so glad to be home. I opened the front door to be met by shouts coming from the living room.  We were having a conservatory built with a 2 foot wall at the bottom. There were 2 men inside baling out water as fast as they could while 2 others were fitting the roof. The water was about an inch away from pouring into the living room. I stood there with tears pouring down my face and burst out laughing! What was to become our conservatory looked more like a swimming pool. I found some more buckets and started giving them a hand. We eventually got it under control, all of us soaked to the skin.

It was a very stressful day but the rain eventually stopped, the floods subsided and of course the conservatory got finished!

So if you’re reading this after being caught up in the bad weather I hope everything is ok and you’ve not lost anything of value and can still smile about your experience.

Oh look some blue sky – I remember that!!

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One comment on “181/366 Rain, rain and more rain.

  1. yes it is frightening how quick it happens in some areas, hence the name flash floods I suppose, Sometimes when the rain is that heavy you want to stop and pull over, but worry somebody will run into you as they dont see you.

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