178/366 Caerphilly

Our plan for today was to go to Talbot Green shopping centre as we’ve not been there before. We were not impressed, just a few stores that you see on the high street or local ‘Out of Town’ centre.

We decided to drive to Llantrisant town centre but it started raining quite hard so carried on towards Pontypridd. I don’t know what happened but we ended up on a roundabout that only had signs to a superstore and industrial estate. By this time OH was getting quite stressed out and the atmosphere in the car was getting quite heated!! Our options were to turn around or carry on to Caerphilly.  Caerphilly it was then!

We’ve not been to Caerphilly for years, it a nice little town that surrounds the castle. We parked up and had a stroll around – the rain had stopped and it was getting a bit brighter.

Caerphilly Castle

We stopped for lunch at the Kings Arms pub. We were not impressed, we ordered food which was delivered to another table. The other customers complained and their food was reordered. OH went to the bar to ask what was going on with our order only to be told that the lasagne he ordered was no longer available. The one they gave the other customer was the last one. He reordered his meal and decided on the Chicken Tikka curry.
The barmaid that made the error gave a drink on the house which was the least they could do!!

A short while later our meal came out. OHs curry looked OK and my beef rolled in a yorkshire pud looked tasty. Unfortunately looks can be decieving…His curry tasted ‘manufactured’ and my yorkshire pud was tough as old boots! The roast spuds that came with mine were the ‘Aunt Bessie’ variety.  To be honest if they hadn’t given us a free drink I’d have sent this back.. One thing is for sure – we’ll never go back there. It was just a miserable version of Wetherspoons!

Here are 2 more piccies of Caerphilly.

Geese at Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle and Moat

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4 comments on “178/366 Caerphilly

  1. I hate it when things go wrong but why oh why oh why do men think that by getting heated and causing an atmosphere that things will improve and everything becomes right?
    We visited a castle today and (oops) I took 180 pics…..of which less than 50 were good ones, some more to come later but chose my hubcap as it is not something I would have taken a year ago. thanks for the comment

  2. Beautiful pictures. Here’s hoping for better days and better trips 🙂

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