The Job Hunt again..

I wrote quite a tirade in February about my job hunt and thought I’d write an update on what’s being going on for the past few months.

Well to be honest nothing much has changed. I was right about the agency that said they could match me to their client list. I just knew it would be a fruitless visit.
We parted with him saying again that he would keep me in mind.. Oh well I hope he hit his target of how many CVs he can get registered for that month!

Even though I said in my last post that I was getting motivated to keep the job hunt going it all fell by the wayside. I lost interest yet again..
I’ve been reading a book recently and there was a passage in there about people and studying. It stated that some students say they don’t feel motivated to study and went on to say that basically that’s bulls***. It just comes down being lazy and not focussed. It reminded me of my job hunt..Its nothing to do with motivation or not being motivated…

  • I’ve got lazy
  • I’m in a rut
  • I’ve got used to being home
  • I’ve got used to having no income of my own.

BUT – I’m going to change that starting today:

  • I’ve updated my CV
  • I’ve uploaded updated CV to job sites
  • I’ve added my blog link to the CV so people can see and read my posts.
  • I’ve updated job searches
  • I’ve added the main job sites to TAB ALARM in Firefox so the sites open automatically everyday – I can’t ignore them if they are already open!

So please –  companies – recruitment agents – HR personnel:

  • Read my CV and I mean READ it – don’t just skim it or rely on a software package to do keyword searches.
  • If I apply for a job that is a ‘lower band’ to a Team Leader / Team Manager it doesn’t mean I want to start at the bottom and want your job in 6 – 12 months. If you’re paying a decent wage then I may stay in a lower band job unless you want to move me up the job scale. I have a LOT of knowledge and skills to transfer.
  • I work hard – I’m from a generation where this is the norm.  I don’t treat work as an extension of my social life.
  • Yes – I know I’ve not worked for 18 months and you’re scared to take someone on that hasn’t worked for that long.. well I got news for you..I’m scared at the thought of working again after 18 months. So perhaps we could support each other on that one!!

I used to joke with my colleagues that I would end up as the ‘Meet and Greet’ lady at Asda – well you know… that’ll do me.. It’s a wage, you get to meet and help people.. Of course I’d rather use my management skills!

So go on – if you have a role for anything from admin to management why not get in touch?? Just drop a comment below or email me (the address is in the About Me tab up there at the top)


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