REVIEW: The Amazing Spiderman

I was lucky enough to get free tickets to a Premiere showing of The Amazing Spiderman at Cineworld in Cardiff being shown on 18th June.

The evening kicked off with live coverage of the Red Carpet event followed by the film itself.

What can I tell you about the story? Well I’m sure you know it by now.. Peter Parker geeky teenager, falls in love with girl, gets bitten by spider, acquires superpowers, chases villains, mad scientist becomes his nemesis. Thus ensues mayhem while Spidey brings his nemesis to book. Well that’s it – in a nutshell.. So what’s new with the new film?

Well nothing more really… I went to the premiere not expecting too much, after all this is a reboot of a film made barely 10 years ago with Tobey Maguire in the title role and I did enjoy that one.
The new one has Andrew Garfield in the title role – Andrew who?? I’ve never heard of him but his filmography includes The Social Network.  His love interest is Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone and the ‘Mad’ scientist Dr. Curt Connors is taken on by Rhys Ifans.

The film follows the usual story of Parker living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, being picked on by Flash – the school jock, falling for Gwen, get bitten by spider, get super powers, learn to use powers, befriend mad scientist, give answer to missing formula, avenge killer of Uncle, fight the mad scientist… oh dear have I repeated myself here.. well you get the idea – it’s the same but different!

The film is very enjoyable, Garfield and Stone both playing geeky awkward teenagers – there is one part where they are talking in the school that most people will identify with – boy not sure what to say to ask the girl out, girl not sure how to react. It was very funny!
Ifans is excellent as Dr. Connors – he is portrayed as a caring individual and initially with a conscience. However that all goes out the window when he uses a serum on himself and becomes ‘The Lizard’.

It’s not until the second half of the film that the special effects really come into play with Spidey flying through the streets.  It’s when Ifans becomes The Lizard  that CGI really tends to take over – after all how else can they make Ifans into an 8 foot lizard!









Things I liked:

  • Not being familiar with Garfield and Stone – you are not comparing them to previous roles.
  • Rhys Ifans – he is one of our finest character actors and he’s Welsh – always a good thing!!
  • The time spent on building the characters – you do care for them.
  • The comedic aspect of the film – there is more humour in this one but not at the expense of the film.
  • The timing of the story – it just barrels along quite nicely. It’s not a never dull moment type film but the story as whole is finely paced.

Things I disliked:

  • It has one of those remain seated during the titles for a teaser moment – I detest this type of thing and there are way too many films that do it now.. There is only one good one and that’s at the end of Ferris Bueller when he tells everyone to go home it’s over!!
  • The cinema seating – why can’t they have seating that doesn’t give you a numb bum?? I was fidgeting after about 20 minutes!

James Vanderbilt has done a brilliant job with the story and Marc Webb has directed a well paced and edgy film, they should both be very proud of what they have produced.

If you get the chance go see it, you won’t be disappointed. I’d give it  *****


Picutures courtesy of the offical site.


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