170/366 Cardiff for our Anniversary

Well the 18th June 2012 is our 35th Wedding Anniversary.  Our original plan was to go for an Indian Meal but I applied for and got free tickets to see the new Spiderman film premiere at Cineworld in Cardiff (you can read my review here)

Plans were changed and we went to Cardiff shortly after lunch to have a wander about. I’m also owed a birthday present from OH.  We parked in Adam Street and walked to St David’s Centre.  We walked through to The Hayes. OH has been after a Pink Floyd album called Oakland Live for ages and we decided to pop into Spillers Records in Morgan Arcade. Spillers is the oldest record shop in the world and if they couldn’t get him a copy then no-one will!! It was bad news though, there were only 300 copies ever made and it was a bootleg so the chances of finding one are pretty much zero!

170/366 Spillers Records – The oldest record shop in the world

We made our way back to The Hayes and went to the Island cafe. I can remember going here with my Mum and Nan when I was very young.  I hope it never leaves as I consider it an iconic place in Cardiff.

Hayes Island Cafe

We then wandered back to St David’s and came across a shop selling CD and DVDs at rock bottom prices. Places like this bore me rigid but OH can’t resist them. I sat on a bench outside while he browsed around.  He was taking ages and I went in to see what he had found, he had at least 6 CDs in his hand and had picked 2 Michael Buble ones for me. His first and his latest – but not the normal copy a Hollywood special 2 CD edition. Woo Hoo.. both for £5 now that’s what I call a bargain!

Opposite Hayes Island there is is statue of  Cliff (isn’t that what you can a man with a seagull on his head??)

We had an early dinner in the local Wetherspoons and went back to the car to drop off our bags. The area in the next piccie is being redeveloped it’s opposite Cineworld and close to the Motorpoint Arena. It’s surrounded by hoardings showing photographic work. Each picture is made up of smaller photos. I didn’t have time to see who it was by and thought I’d be able to find it on the internet but I’ve had a fruitless search..If you know leave me a comment!!

After dropping off our bags we walked back up to the cinema to see the film.
We had a lovely afternoon and evening. We still have the Indian meal to look forward to this evening!

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One comment on “170/366 Cardiff for our Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary. How weird ….. it was my wedding anniversary the same day. We have made 8 years 🙂 well done on the 35th one. Massive respect xx

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