164/366 He’s not here

Now bear with me here.. I love my OH to bits and we’ve been together for 35 years but sometimes it’s nice not to have him about.

He’s off work at the moment while he gets his blood pressure under control so he’s about all the time. He’s also one of those people who has to be doing something all the time. Me – I’m happy to be in front of my lappy most of the day, blogging, job searching and comping!

So we’ve had a taster of what it’ll be like when we are both retired in the not too distant future and if this is what its going to be like God help us.. We don’t row – well I do but he doesn’t!  We go for walks when the weather allows, keep the garden tidy, keep the house tidy and generally potter about. He watches a bit of TV but only the programmes he likes and he wonders what I do on the lappy!

Well this afternoon he’s gone to see Prometheus – it’s not my sort of film and it looks s*** but he won’t be told!! So I have the luxury of his empty seat for a couple of hours..

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One comment on “164/366 He’s not here

  1. Im the same as you, love oh to bits but nice when he goes fishing and I get to watch the Waltons in peace

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