162/366 The things kids play with – Picture of the week

We had the Grandson overnight and he has a bit of an obession with spectacles! OH is long sighted and keeps his on the coffee table and I dare not wear mine as he pulls them off my face.

I thought I had an old pair in a drawer but couldn’t find them but came across a pair of the 3D ones you get for the cinema. We gave them to Ashley who loves putting them on his face then takes them off and puts them on top of his head. He played with these more than any of the toys he bought with him! Just like any kiddie at Christmas loves playing with the empty box rather than the toy inside!

This picture was taken just before he worked out how to pop the lenses out!! I was quite surprised to see how resilient the glasses are considering the arms were stretched out and were thrown about the room. When Mummy and Daddy came to take him home I suggested leaving them here for next time but he kicked off and wouldn’t leave without them!! He’s such a funny little man!

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7 comments on “162/366 The things kids play with – Picture of the week

  1. Mouse says:

    Genius! My LO is fantastical about taking off and on my sunglasses. You sometimes puts them on me upside down-too cute.

  2. Great photo, your so right about the simple things that keep them amused, so much better than fancy toys 🙂

  3. somebody does not look overly happy, yes they are all the same why bother buying toys

    • Sue says:

      Mmm, the red eyes are from him having a cold. The left eye as you look at the picture is more red and puffy as he has a stye that keeps popping up.
      He is a happy little man – well most of the time anyway..plus I can give him back unlike when my own boys were his age!!

  4. Looking very cool with his shades, it is funny how they get so amused over such little things

  5. What a cutie! My kids love my glasses too!

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