Prague Day 2

For our second day we decided to go to Prague Castle. It’s not a castle in the way we in Britain think of castles. It’s more of a huge church surrounded by palaces.

We set off after breakfast and headed just up the road to get a tram. We planned on getting back to the west side of the river and get off at Malostranske Namesti – this is an open area where the trams stop. We got off and walked down to the Tourist Information to ask the best way to get to the Castle. He said you can walk – is he joking it’s up hill and you have to go up steps.. I don’t do uphill and neither does Bev as she’s got short legs!! Oh well the 22 tram stops right outside..back to the square and 3 stops. Now that’s more like it!!
We made our way back to the square and caught the tram.

The castle is protected by soldiers in sentry boxes. You walk though an archway and you are in the main square, it’s huge and very impressive! The first thing we saw was some solders marching to the exit –’s changing of the guard. We decided we’d carry on for now and get tickets. The entrance fee varies depending on what you want to see. Well we wanted to see as much as possible to went for the full ticket at 350Kc (about £11). There is a little map on the back of ticket so you can’t miss anything. If you don’t get to see it all in a day the ticket lasts 2 days.

Changing the Guard. I didn’t notice the chap walking the other way! Quite like it though!


I’m don’t going to document every part we visited, just a few favourites:

1. St. Vitus Church. – It is huge and has some lovely stained glass windows. You can gain free entrance to the front of the church but your tickets get you entrance to the back-end and nave.

St Vitus Prague Castle Main entrance

Inside St.Vitus

2. Golden Lane – This is a row of houses built into the walls of the castle. They were originally for the artisans working at the castle but they are all just a museum piece now. Most of them are VERY can’t believe that people actually lived in them. Each one is different from the next and all painted different colours.

3. The Powder Tower – this doesn’t look like much and by the time we got to it my feet and legs were aching a lot! More steps – ah well we’re here now so best take a look. Inside there is a display of uniforms from the different ages of the Czech army. On one wall is a time line of the history of the Czech Republic from when they became independent from Germany in 1918 and the struggle to remain independent from then and during WW2. Most countries have had to struggle but Czech Republic seems to have had more than their fair share. Reading this wall made me quite emotional. It’s moments like this that make any journey and visit worth every penny.

If you do get to visit Prague make sure you go to the castle it’s most impressive.

Me and him Prague Castle

At about 3.00pm we decided we’d seen all that we wanted too and we were all hungry. We left the castle and went to get the tram back to Smichov. We jumped on the 22 but soon noticed that it crossed the river.. oh no!!! Well we caught the 22 just up the road from the hotel so it’s sure to take us back right?? Wrong… it kept going and we soon at the terminus..everyone off. Oh crikey.. the only tram from the terminus was a 22 again! We thought maybe it would go to Smichov on the way back – wrong again – we had to get off when we realised it was still going the wrong way..we managed to get a 14 knowing that definitely went back! It was nearly 4pm by the time we got back near the hotel!! At least it gave our feet a rest!

We decided to only have a small meal and plumped for some fries and chicken burger at Cyrils – a small bar just up the road from the hotel.
At 6pm we decided we’d go back to the hotel to shower and change.

We met up again at 8pm and walked to the local town. We had a few beers and talked about our castle visit and made plans for Friday.  We decided to go to Pizza Colosseum for dinner. This restaurant is above the centre entrance to Andel subway station. It doesn’t look much from outside but it is very nice inside. We were shown to a window table and our order taken. Steve and Bev had pasta, Kev had lamb chops which looked and tasted delious (well he said they were anyway). I had herb crusted pork loin and herb roasted potatoes. The pork was served on a mushroom sauce and the whole dish was delicious. It was by far the most tasty meal I’ve had for some time.
We decided against desert and paid the bill and made our way to the bar a couple of doors away for a night-cap.

Last few photos for today:

St. Vitus – Side of the church

Panorama shot taken from the Castle exit

So that’s it end of day 2. One day left – Hope you’re enjoying my travel story.

Day 1 is here


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