140/366 My little brolly

Hubby bought me this for Christmas 2010! He thought it would be useful to keep in my handbag. Well it’s always either in my bag or in the car door pocket. I’ve only ever used it twice!

I keep forgetting about it and usually use my big golf sized one that I keep in the car boot. Plus I hardly ever go out in the rain – I’m paranoid about falling over! I had 2 accidents in the wet in 2009!! One resulted in a serious shoulder injury and the other with 4 hour visit to Casualty and resulting in a cut over my eye, 2 black eyes,  severely bruised knee and smashed specs! You really don’t want to the pictures of my face!

So here’s my little brolly..

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2 comments on “140/366 My little brolly

  1. Oh my goodness you poor thing. No going out in the rain for you! Use it in the sunshine 🙂

  2. It is cute though – a sun brolly maybe?

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