139/366 Yummy Breakfast!

We don’t normally shop late but went to Tesco after 5pm on Thursday. Hubby loves hunting for bargains and knowing how much I love a croissant for breakfast he noticed that they were selling off the fresh bakery ones for 20p for 2!! Woo Hoo!!! they are normally £1 for 2.

I also noticed that they had reduced strawberries..I’d normally give any reduced ones a very wide berth as they would normally be squishy and WELL past their best..however there was one box that had been reduced that still had very fresh looking fruit inside. It must have been a mistake as the date on them had not run out.

So my bargain breakfast on Friday was a chocolate croissant with sliced strawberries. Oh and a large mug of Tetleys – hot and strong!!


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6 comments on “139/366 Yummy Breakfast!

  1. nice one, we never get offers worth having in our shops

  2. Scrummy! I love croissants and brioche x

  3. Sounds amazing. I want one right now!

  4. Ooh I haven’t had strawberries yet this season, that makes me want some right now!

  5. oooh – now I want strawberries and croissants! My OH is an expert at those bargains too – he stops by at Asda for petrol once a week and comes home with loads of stuff for 10p each!

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