134/366 Another Teddy

What can I say, I love teddies. I have quite a few dotted around the house. I can’t resist them. When we were away a couple of weeks ago we went to Newton Abbot and there is shop there that sells LOTS of teddies. Some are reasonably priced and others are very expensive. Guess which ones I like the best!! Yup, the expensive ones.. especially the Stieff ones.  I was so tempted to buy one but managed to resist..the one I wanted was £250!!

On the drive back to Torquay we passed a retail park and one of the stores had a sale on.  There was a range of doorstops in the sale and one was a Teddy! Woo Hoo it was only £12. Not the same as getting your hands on a lovely Stieff but he is so cute..

Since our return home I’ve been moving him around the house and have now decided his home will be on the dog leg on our stairs.

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