121/366 Blog stats milestone

Although I’ve been blogging since August 2011 my posts were few and far between until January when I joined #project366 and started to post everyday – well that’s a lie!!! NEARLY every day is more like the truth!!

I’ve taken a picture everyday and posted it here on the blog. I’ve done some recipes and tried my hand at a review too. Some posts are just ramblings and thoughts!

I get nowhere near what other bloggers get, the most I’ve had is 35 on one day. I’m not jealous!!! I’m hoping my readership will increase as it has over the past few months.

Yesterday I broke the 1000 overall views to my blog with 32 views for the day. I’m quite proud of that and even have a few regulars that press that LIKE button and some that leave comments.

So if you’re a regular viewer/ button pusher / commenter THANK YOU!!
If you’re not then why not have a look around and press a few likes.. :-)) Or leave a comment or even  follow me!!

First picture – 1000+ views (121/366)

This one shows how the stats have gradually increased over the past few months:

Check out my other Project 366 pictures so far.

If you’d like to read more about the project please click on the badge below.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


4 comments on “121/366 Blog stats milestone

  1. congratulations form a random button-clicker! (though it’s normally my camera’s shutter button) 😉

  2. well done hun, Im enjoying your blog as well. And its not all about the statistics its about the pleasure you yourself get out of it.

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