117/366 Newton Abbot

Today we decided to go to Newton Abbot. Although we’ve been to Torquay and the surrounding area many times we’ve never been to Newton Abbot town before. The closest we ever got was an outdoor market at the racecourse about 20 years ago!

We were quite surprised at how big the town centre is, it is mainly one main road with the usual high street shops interspersed with local shops.  I had a look at the Tourist Information page for the town the night before and noticed that they have a department store called Austins. I LOVE department stores, I’m like a kid in a toy store!!!
What the TI site didn’t tell me was that the department store is actually spread over about 5 different shops! The shops are at one end of town close to the clock tower. We were looking for a pressie for our grandson and Austins has one of there shops dedicated to toys. Everything from things for tots right up to playmobil, Lego and toys for older kids. We had plenty to choose from for our 16month old!

On the walk back to the car we passed a local Primary school and saw the following plaques on the wall. They’ve obviously (well to me anyway) been based on childrens drawings and are based on friendship. They are so simple but deliver the message so well. These 3 pictures are going to be my #project366 117/366 pictures for today!





























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2 comments on “117/366 Newton Abbot

  1. mouseyandme says:

    These are so gorgeous! If I had a patio, would love something like this everywhere!

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