116/366 Totnes

On the second day of our break to Torquay we went to Plymouth and Totnes. The weather hasn’t been good and it was very windy and showery all day. We would have liked to have walked to the Ho! but although it is within walking distance we decided against it as the showers had turned to heavy squally rain. Who wants to stand on a headland in the rain and be blown off their feet??  We decided instead to have some lunch and make plans for the afternoon.  After consulting maps we decided to head to Totnes.

We’ve been to Totnes several times, the town is one long straight road – that goes up hill – with lots of locally owned shops. Half way up is the old town gate. (This is my #project366 116/366 picture – looking down hill!)

At the bottom of the town you can walk over the river and go down Steamer Quay Road to go to the Ferry landing. This is where the boat trips go back and forth to Dartmouth, this is a very interesting trip if you like rivers and boats. There is also an open top bus trip to Paignton that you get from here too.  This next picture is the view towards the Ferry landing from the river bridge.

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2 comments on “116/366 Totnes

  1. Sorry to hear that you experienced bad weather during the trip but it’s good to see that this did not dampen your spirits. Despite the dull weather, the pictures of Totnes are lovely especially the last one which would certainly appeal to any visitor that has never been to this charming town.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you for your comment. Totnes is a lovely town and well worth a visit. It would also be good as a base for touring the area.

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