REVIEW – Derren Brown – Svengali

Hubby and I have spent a few days in Torquay, Devon. It’s one of our favourite places in the UK. (There will be more posts about Torquay soon – follow my blog so you don’t miss out!!)

Last week I was cruising the internet to see if there are any events we could go to on our trip. I noticed that Derren Brown’s Svengali show was on at the Princess Theatre. I checked the box office and tickets were still available. Woo hoo..

For those not familiar with Derren Brown, he is an illusionist par excellence! His shows and TV performances contain magic, hypnotism, illusions and psychology. You can read more about him here.

I’ve watched him many times on TV and often wondered if there are stooges or camera tricks involved. My son has been to see him 3 times and has always kept secret what goes on in the live shows.

Derren has courted quite a lot of controversy over the years, the most notable being the Russian Roulette programme where he used a member of the public to load a handgun with a single bullet and Derren proceeds to aim the gun at his own head.

So on to the live show – The show starts with Derren asking the audience not to tell anyone about what goes on during the show, if you use social media or blogging please don’t reveal what goes on, but feel free to spread the word. So – how do I review a show I can’t tell you about??

Well the show contains illusions, magic and lots of mystery. There is  some audience participation and Derren has a wonderful knack of taking the rise out people without being offensive.  There is a lot of psychology involved too and he uses the ‘do you want to change your mind’ / ‘are you sure’ lines to good comedic effect. The first half of the show starts with a magic trick and then a couple are bought to the stage for some fun with a paint ball gun. This puts you on edge and also makes you laugh out loud too!! This was followed by a ‘guess the celebrity’, Derren via an audience member paints a picture of a celeb without knowing who it is – absolutely amazing – I wish I could have the finished picture.. I’d treasure it forever as it was of one of my favourite actors!!!  There are a few other set pieces but I can’t give the game away!!

The second part of the show involves the use of an automaton – Svengali who can spell out names of the dead. If I give more information it really will spoil the show for anyone wanting to go to see it!!
The final set piece involved numbers, random on top of random on top of random – how the heck he does this really does defy logic!! It really is jaw dropping to see the result!

This was a really gobsmacking show – no camera tricks and no stooges, so how does he do it?? If you ever get the chance to see him live go for it you won’t be disappointed.

This post is my own opinion.


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