113/366 A Woman’s work DONE!!

I clean my kitchen quite throughly every week but at least once a month every thing in there gets done. All the worksurfaces, cabinet dooors, tiling, window sill, cooker inside and out. Then all the glass surfaces get a good polish. My once a week effort takes about an hour and a half but the once a month takes up to 3 -4 hours.  You may think that’s a long time but I do have a lovely large kitchen!

I put the radio on, spray oven cleaner in the oven, run some hot water and pour in some cleaner then out come the Marigolds!!

It’s not a job I relish but once I start I quite enjoy it.  I like the fresh smell when it’s all finished and seeing it all spick and span.

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4 comments on “113/366 A Woman’s work DONE!!

  1. my shelves are long overdue cleaning

  2. Susan says:

    Stop. You are putting us all to shame!

    • Sue says:

      LOL! Hubby tipped milk in the fridge yesterday. He removed the shelf in the door, the muck behind it had to soaked off! Oops always forget to do that!

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