109/366 Project for the week – Macro – Day3 – Lichens

I have an old Azalea plant in pot by my front door. We bought it about 25 years ago and it usually bursts forth with hundreds of small lilac coloured flowers. Last year I had very few flowers and a lot of the leaves and branches withered,  it is looking very sorry for itself at the moment.

I was watering it on the weekend and added its yearly dose of sequestrion. I noticed that although what remains of the plant looks dormant there are a couple of flower buds and a couple of leaf buds so there is life still there – I hope!

Todays photo is of lichen on the branches of the Azalea.  Lichen apparently does not affect the life of the plant.

UPDATE: After the comment from Unifiedspace, I searched and found this useful page at Countryside Info.


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5 comments on “109/366 Project for the week – Macro – Day3 – Lichens

  1. ….and lichens are very pollution sensitive so your air must be nice and clean.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you – I didn’t know that. I’ve just looked it up and found a very useful site all about Lichen. I’ll update my post.

  2. It looks like something you wouldn’t want to touch, but amazing colours

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