103/366 Along the canal – Part 1

Yesterday I dropped my hubby and his bike off at a joining point at the local canal. He was to ride along the canal bank whilst I did the weekly shop. We agreed to meet up near where I grew up.

We moved to my childhood home when I was 5 and I lived there until I got married at 21. I have very fond memories of the canal. Part of it called the Brook runs through the estate and I remember spending many hours walking along the canal path and we quite often walked in it with my siblings and friends. The waterway was very clean and free-flowing. Some parts had sloping walls built to stop surrounding earth falling in.

While I waited for hubby I had a short walk to go to see what the Brook looks like today. Well I can tell you that 40 odd years have certainly taken its toll. All the trees and grasses have grown over the lovely waterway. It’s contaminated with rubbish, plastic bottles, cans and even household items.  Although you can still walk along it, I felt very sad that it has not had the upkeep it so rightly deserves.

I’m posting 2 pictures today – one showing the overgrown trees and one of a poor duck that has to swim about in all this c***.

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