101/366 One day without shoes

On 10th April 2012 it was One Day Without Shoes – a day to raise awareness of the millions of children that live without shoes.

I remember taking a training course years ago where we were presented with two different outcomes of a salesman that got sent to an island. One came back and said ‘There’s no point in us going back there no one wears shoes’, the second salesman came back and said ‘Terrific opportunity here no one wears shoes’

I love being barefoot and hardly ever wear slippers at home and when I’m on holiday I’m shoeless whenever possible. The best time was 10 years ago when we went to Jamaica. The only time I put shoes on was when we left the resort for a trip. As much as I love being barefoot, the thought of walking around on hard or rocky surfaces without shoes is inconceivable to me.
It’s hard to believe that some people still have no shoes to wear. I supported One Day Without Shoes by being barefoot all day, I did go outside too, granted it was only to take a mis-directed letter to a neighbour, but it wasn’t very nice walking on a hard road surface.

So this is me – barefoot.

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