99/366 A climb to the sun and a warm embrace

I like to move some of our ‘knick knacks’ around so we are not looking at the same things all the time.  My pride and joy is our 2 bronzes that we bought whilst on holiday in Lanzarote in 2000.
We were walking around the first day we got there and saw the one with the girl on the steps in the window. Hubby and I both liked it. We went in and asked the price and nearly fell down with shock – £120!  Oh well we couldn’t afford it so it will have to be a dream.

We went past that shop many times during the following 2 weeks and looked at her in the window every time. While we were eating dinner on the last evening of our holiday we chatted about the bronze and decided that as we had money left we would splash out and buy it and I was due a bonus from work.
We went to the shop after our meal, the bronze was still in the window, we went in and asked to look at it again. It was just as beautiful close up. The lady that ran the shop told us she had a few new ones in that day and proceeded to gather the others on the counter.  She told us they were all limited editions by acclaimed Spanish artist J.M. Belsa.  One of the 3 new ones caught my eye, a man and a woman in an embrace, she has her shoes in her hand and it looks like they are standing on the beach. The details on both are so fine, the bodies well sculpted, the folds in the clothing, the fringe on the dress, just beautiful.  How on earth were we going to choose?  We liked them both but they were over £100 each! The shop owner could see we wanted at least one of them and offered us a deal if we bought both of them. With no way of checking if my bonus had been paid – no internet banking back then – we decided to buy them both and pay via our credit card.

Here’s the ‘Lady on the steps’ – I like to think she’s walked up the steps and is basking in the sunshine.

Here’s ‘The Embrace’ – don’t we all wish our man would hold us like this – just once..

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2 comments on “99/366 A climb to the sun and a warm embrace

  1. must admit they are very nice, funny how you do daft things when on holiday

  2. Jane Thorpe says:

    Love the Lady On The Steps – reminds me, I really must get some decent art …..

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