98/366 The Blues Brothers hit Cardiff!

My son told me about an American Candy shop in Cardiff that sells Tootsie Rolls – they are SO lush..I usually depend on friends bringing some back from the USA. A friend of mine did think of me a few days ago and bought some in this store. She also told me that you can’t miss the shop as Jake and Ellwood Blues stand outside.

With the lure of a day out, hubby and I headed firstly to Ikea and then made our way to Cardiff Bay.  We had a walk around looking for somewhere to eat – the Bay is predominately restaurants – mostly chains and I had no vouchers or deals downloaded to my phone so we carried on walking.

We turned down a street just past Great British Burger (no thank you!) and what did I see?? You guessed it.. the American Candy Shop and outside are life size models of the Blues Brothers. A few quick snaps that you can see below and in I skipped to get my Tootsie Rolls, rather disappointed that they only had the small bars – at 60p. I was rather hoping they had humungous bags too!!


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3 comments on “98/366 The Blues Brothers hit Cardiff!

  1. I’ve been down there a hundred times and not spotted that shop before, I’ll have to look out for it next time we’re there. Great photos.

    • Sue says:

      If you keep the Millenium centre on your left and go just past the tall fountain on the right you’ll see a road, on the wall it says Bar Cwtch (there’s Welsh for you!) go down there and you’ll see The Packet pub infront of you. go left down the pedestrianised road. Its on the left.

  2. Mari says:

    I love finding shops like these and usually spending far more than I intended to!

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