92/366 Apple yogurt cake

I’ve recently registered with Parent Bloggers Network and Foodies100.

One of the first blogs I clicked to on Foodies100 was Home Baked and her recipe for Yogurt Berry Breakfast Cake.

It looked delicious and easy to make. I’ve given it a go today and it is really easy,  I sprinkled some apple on top and substituted nutmeg for cinnamon. The texture is very like a muffin and the edges of mine also went nice and crispy. Hubby and I had some with some natural yogurt on the side. Very tasty.. Thank you Home Baked!

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If you’d like to read more about the project please click on the badge below.

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2 comments on “92/366 Apple yogurt cake

  1. Ooh, apple and cinnamon – very nice!
    Thanks for linking back to me.
    (BTW when I clicked on your profile in your comment on my blog the profile was blank so I had to google you – perhaps you need to change permissions or something?)

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