91/366 You forget they were babies!

This is a photo of a photo that my Mother-in-Law has of my son. This one is when he was about 18 months so I’d guess.. He’s now 29 and is the proud daddy of my grandson Ashley.

They really do look alike!

It’s also my picture of the week.

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7 comments on “91/366 You forget they were babies!

  1. Great photo. Must be really interesting to look at it and see elements of your son as an adult now and your grandson.

  2. MsXpat says:

    LOL, what a serious little guy. He’s sweet.

    • Sue says:

      He’s still sweet now at 29!! He’s a big softie and would do anything for his fiancee and his own son. Have a look back at my photos for ‘Ashley’ to see the likeness!!

    • Sue says:

      I wish he still had that tummy! He’s now 6ft 6in and doesn’t have an inch of fat on him. He’s like the proverbial stick!

  3. What a cute lad, he looked very intent on something there! Amazing to think he lost that lovely chubby tummy! I hope I can look back and still say my boys are sweet at 29!

  4. Gorgeous photo, he’s got a lovely baby tummy there!

    Thanks for linking up

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