84/366 Mothers Day flowers take 2

You’ll see from my post 76/366 Not the quality you’d expect that the first bunch of flowers I had for Mothers Day were of a pretty poor standard and the roses literally fell off the stems within 3 days!  My son got onto the company and at first they offered him a discount code off his next order.  He reminded them of their 100% satisfaction promise and asked for a replacement or his money back. They caved in after he sent photos of them!

Well I’m glad to announce that the replacement came thursday afternoon. They were supplied by Deacons in Chepstow via  iFlorist (I’m not putting a link to them as they don’t deserve it). The flowers are fresh and smell amazing – there are pink roses, pink lilies and very pale stocks along with a small amount of greenery.  I wish iFlorist had used a local florist the first time.
I personally think you should support your local businesses, you get better service and in this case better quality.

In these days of recession businesses cannot afford to lose custom. Businesses sometimes need to be reminded that there is a cost for bad service. On average we tell maybe 1 or 2 people about good service we may receive BUT we tell at least 5 -10 people about bad service and probably never use that company or service again.  Our friends and contacts will also remember our bad service experience and probably not use the same company themselves.

I’ve no doubt that iFLorist has many satisfied customers (or at least one’s not prepared to complain!) but I for one will still support our local businesses and hopefully so will my son!!

End of rant!!

Onto the piccies!!
I took the flowers out their wrapping, trimmed the stems and put them in water along with the bits of greenery and eucalyptus that was still alive from the original bunch.  I then wrapped the vase with the cellophane that surrounded the flowers and tied the ribbon around it.
I’m sure you’ll agree that these are lovely!

This was taken on Thursday:

These were taken today – the Rose is my 84/366 picture.

Next is of the one lily that is out.

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