78/366 Chocolate Pot surprise.

Postie came this morning with a parcel. I wasn’t expecting anything, on the back it said Coole Swan. I vaguely remembered they ran a competition and also had a Facebook post asking fans to email their details for a freebie.

Well inside the padded envelope was a chocolate Paddy – a solid chocolate sweetie and a chocolate pot. I thought this was just a chocolate lolly type sweet but the label on the back says to heat some milk and place the pot in the milk – it will melt and make a Hot Chocolate drink.
It looks too nice to use but I will be trying it out soon..


2 comments on “78/366 Chocolate Pot surprise.

  1. a littel bit different, hope you enjoy it

    • Sue says:

      Used it for evening drink. It tasted quite nice. Not as chocolatey as I thought it would be. By the time it melted the milk was only luke warm so was left with some soft blobs that didn’t melt properly.
      It was ok but wouldn’t buy it..

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