74/366 Darkness prevails

I was in the middle of writing my post for yesterday and the power went off. It was really strange only having the light from my laptop screen. I managed to fumble for my phone that was still in my handbag. By the light of the screen I made my way to the kitchen and got my candles and matches – I keep them together in a specific place especially for these occasions!! I placed them all on my small tea-tray and carried them to the living room.
I then remembered I had a big torch in the airing cupboard so a quick trip up the stairs by the light of the phone and back down to the living room.

Well what to do now.. no TV, no Internet, not enough light to read by (plus two of the tea lights had run out!) and I was on my own so no conversation. Ah music…that will keep me company..hello Mr Buble..
The darkness gave me the opportunity to see what my camera could do in the dark, so a quick rummage in the handbag and it was in my hands. Changed ‘Scene’ to ‘Candlelight’ and captured this:

74/366 Mr Buble by Candlelight…

I soon got bored and decided to try taking a night shot but with a 30 second timer and no tripod how was I going to stop camera shake?? I took one with the camera placed on the gate pillar but it didn’t capture much. I then went upstairs and opened the bedroom window and with the camera strap around my wrist I placed the camera on the window ledge, pressed the shutter and waited. This is the result:

LIghts on the main road

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One comment on “74/366 Darkness prevails

  1. Claire Kemp says:

    Great pics! Just goes to show the things we can get done when FB isn’t controlling us hahahah x

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