73/366 Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre

Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre

I used to live in the Roman town of Caerleon – or Isca as it was in Roman times. Caerleon has a lot of Roman remains – Baths were excavated some years ago and they can be seen undercover in a building behind The Bull pub. A few yards away is the National Roman Legion Museum this houses many Roman artifacts. Opposite the museum is a left turn that takes you down the Broadway and access to the Amphitheatre. This is the only fully excavated Amphitheatre in Britain.
I was once told that there are markings left by a stonemason that matches markings left in stones on Hadrian’s Wall. I don’t know how true this is but it is possible I suppose!!
The next main area is the Barracks which can be accessed by travelling back through the village and turning into Cold Bath Road. OR you can just cross the road from the Amphitheatre and walk down the old roman road and the Barracks are on your right.

The Romans fascinate me. Although they were invaders and my countrymen – the Silures fought them, they eventually became integrated into the Roman society. There is evidence within the Barracks that they had toilets and the waste was sluiced away down pipework all the way to the River Usk. There also been a recent discovery of markets, temples and a quayside. Caerleon was once a thriving port and MUCH bigger than Newport (hence the name NEWport).

So on to todays pictures:

(73/366)  This is a panoramic shot of the Amphitheatre –

Panoramic shot


 Roman brick wall on one of the entrances..

More brickwork which probably supported part of the seating area.

A roman arch still standing – built around AD75.

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