71/366 My treat at the end of a busy day.

The day started with cleaning up after my cat Molly dirtied our hall rug.  This was followed by attaching an external hard drive to our Blu-Ray with copies of my photos and films on it. I also had to write a process and procedure document that is idiot proof for my hubby who is a complete technophobe.

The early afternoon was spent catching up with competitions and looking at other peoples blogs. We’ve just come back from watching John Carter (will so a review soon). We got a pizza on the way back home and now I’m playing catch-up again with today’s post and having to decide which of my photos to choose for picture of the week. – that will follow in the next post!

So today’s #project366 71/366 is my can of Stella now that I’ve settled down for a nice evening.



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2 comments on “71/366 My treat at the end of a busy day.

  1. I would have been unladylike and just drunk it out of the can…blame my mother she dragged me up…lol

    • Sue says:

      I can drink beers out of a bottle but can’t drink straight from the can. It takes me ages to drink it so just pour a half a glass and keep topping it up. I’d prefer a bottle of Brhama but have discovered it gives me migraine.
      Hubby tries to get me some Becks when he can but it’s not always available and he has to get what they have in stock. He works for the brewery that makes Stella!

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