65/366 Cosy Tea

I was very fortunate to win some Cosy Tea from Rhoda at Rhoda Reviews blog. She ran a little competition after she did a review.

I was quite surprised when a large box was delivered with the full range of 9 different teas. My son’s girlfriend quickly claimed the Jasmine tea and my future Daughter In Law doesn’t like any thing other than ‘proper’ tea! So I have 8 boxes all to myself!  I opened the Chamomile and Blueberry ones yesterday. They are very tasty and the Chamomile is very relaxing.

You can read more about Cosy Tea here

65/366 The first two boxes of Cosy Tea.


2 comments on “65/366 Cosy Tea

  1. I love herbal teas, anything but green tea or liquorice tea

    • Sue says:

      I usually have Twinings fruity ones. I bought some Asda ones recently but they can be a bit oily. I agree with you about Liquorice.. love it but not in tea!

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