#Project366 catching up!!

Didn’t take a picture last couple of days so caught up today.

54/366 Newport City Footbridge.

55/366 Big Shiny Ball – John Frost Square – I’ll have to try this one again and watch what I have reflected.

56/366 Tray that was given to me for my son when he was born. It was useful to tell stories about the people in the picture. It’s now 29 years old – a bit faded and one side of the basket work is loose but it gets used every day!!

and as an extra this is what I had on the tray today.. naughty but so nice..CHIIIIIPPPSSS

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8 comments on “#Project366 catching up!!

  1. Great pictures, i love the picture of the footbridge and the shiny ball

    • Sue says:

      The main part of the bridge is difficult to photograph from ground level. When I parked the car I could see it through a small walk way and that’s where I shot it.
      The balls are in John Frost Square and I’ve never noticed them before..my son said they been there for months!! I plan on taking the ball photos again though as I didn’t realise I had cars and other people in the reflection.

  2. donnabird143 says:

    Great photos, I love the shiny ball and the footbridge too. Beautiful x

  3. You captured the bridge really well – and those chips are making me hungry!

  4. I love the reflections in the ball

  5. That bridge is fab, I love the transporter bridge though.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • Sue says:

      I’m off to the ‘Port later in the week. I’ll swing past the Transporter for you. Might even give it it’s own blog posting.

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