I’ve just returned home after attending the funeral of my nephew Cole.  He was only 3 weeks old, he was born with a heart defect and despite all the medical help available the decision was made to let him pass away. His poor little body couldn’t take any more.

It was so sad seeing Daddy carry the coffin to hearse. No parent should have to go through what my niece and her boyfriend had to go through today. It’s just devastating. Besides being only 3 weeks old they have also had to wait for a further 3 weeks for the coroner to release the body.

The service was brief and they chose some lovely prayers and uplifting hymns.  There were lots of the family and friends in attendance so they both had lots of love and support. Daddy was very strong just a few tears and I can’t help feeling that the day will eventually catch up with him, especially when he and Mummy are back at home on their own.
I think sometimes we feel we have to strong to save other people’s feelings but we shouldn’t, showing feelings and sadness shows you have strength in knowing that you will be supported through the bad days and the good.

My heart bleeds for them both and for the closer members of the family.

The defects were picked up in an early scan and they were offered the option of termination but decided against it. I’ve had 2 children and know how hard it is to bring up and support 2 healthy children and – personally – I can’t understand anyone choosing to have a child that they know may not survive or if they do will need extended health care for the foreseeable future.
Please don’t think me heartless.. It’s just my personal feelings.  I’m against abortion of healthy babies but there are circumstances when it would be my only option.

May you never have to attend the funeral of your own children- it really is so very sad.


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