Week 6 #Project366

Week 6 –

37/366 First up my gorgeous grandson Ashley. Snapped by his daddy.

38/366 Creamy Leek and Bacon Pasta – for the recipe click here

39/366 Hubby’s Birthday cards

40/366 The electricmen up the pole – They turned off our power from 9am to 3pm to change 4 cables in our lane to one.

41/366 We had some carpet laid in 2 bedrooms today. When we took up the old carpet in the back bedroom we saw this that hubby must have drawn on the floor before the original carpet was laid 17 years ago. It’s a cartoon of our two sons – oh one is not called Leaf… it was just a nickname at the time!

42/366 Sign from the side of our local pub. We live in a rural area and it always amuses me that the sign is in English, German and French but not in Welsh (we are in Wales!). But then again they wouldn’t have room to put ystafelloedd!

43/366 The village has a reen that is currently running quite freely. If you’re not sure what a reen is click here.


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