Week 5 #Project366


Had a busy week job hunting but no luck. Took some piccies out and about this week.

30/366 – My MUM tin that holds my usb leads, hand cream, lip balm. It sits on my coffee table until I can find a posh box or lidded basket.

31/366 Spider captured in the garden – surprised to see it as I thought they went off for the winter!

32/366 This is our local church taken through the window of the ruins of the Procurators House in the village.

33/366 This is some swirly vegetation I saw on my walk.

34/366 Taken on 4th Feb – Snow covering one of the plants in the back garden. I like the way my camera captured the falling snow and spider web.

35/366 My driveway while still pristine with snow.

36/366 This one managed to keep it’s snow capping overnight.


3 comments on “Week 5 #Project366

  1. emma says:

    What a beautiful church, great picture.

  2. Love your church picture, it is a beautiful old building

  3. Busy week for you, love the church through the window shot.

    Thanks for linking up to #Project366

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