27/366 The long walk home

We have a lovely local garage that services our car. I was panic struck on Tuesday when the engine light illuminated on the dashboard. I made a quick journey to the garage and he said that there were two faults being reported. Neither will cause any damage to the engine so he reset the engine management system and told me it’s likely to come back on at some time!

The light couldn’t have come on at a worse time – my youngest son was in day surgery and needed to be collected! I set off to the hospital stopping for some fuel on the way – guess what – yes you’re right – the light came back on. Knowing that I could safely drive the car, I collected my son and took him to his home (he moved out just before Christmas).

I rung the garage and Keith said he’d have the car on Thursday. I drove off at 8.30am on Thursday morning and dropped off my poorly car. We live in a semi rural area and the garage is over 2 miles away, so a fair trot down some country lanes to get back home.  I set off for the walk home – iPod and camera in coat pockets, gloves, scarf and most importantly my big brolly useful as a walking pole as well as a cover for the rain!

This is a picture of the long straight back towards the village square. Oh and that’s not a tunnel in the distance, just the way the hedgerows and trees have been sculpted by lorries passing by.


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