23/366 Sunday in London part 2

We rejoined the tour by walking back to Whitehall and the tour continued over Westminster Bridge and carried on to the theatre district and St Paul’s Cathedral. We made our second stop here.
I was quite surprised to see The Occupy London Stock Exchange (OLSX) protesters still there. (I’m not linking to them as I don’t support their cause).

In this area you can also get to the Millenium Bridge – a pedestrian bridge that was in the news when it opened for being wobbly. It feels very safe now! From this bridge you can see Tower Bridge and the Shard. You can also access the Tate Modern from here.

Here’s a selection of shots from this Hop off.

                                                                Long shot of Millenium Bridge

                                                              The Shard and Tower Bridge in the distance – taken from the Millenium Bridge

                                                                 St Paul’s from the Millenium Bridge


One comment on “23/366 Sunday in London part 2

  1. Susan says:

    Makes me miss London. Looks like you had great weather

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