21/366 Saturday in London

We got to London at 10.30am – gasping for a cup of tea,we stumbled into a little cafe near Victoria Bus Station.  I checked Google maps and realised we were only about 1.5 miles from the hotel and it would be good stretch of our legs to walk along Gloucester Place and through Hyde Park.
We set off heading towards Marble Arch. Hyde Park was a buzz of activity despite it being very windy. There were joggers, walkers and cyclists all seemingly enjoying their time in the park.

We got to Marble Arch at about midday – a bit early to book into the hotel but we thought we’d go there anyway and drop off our overnight case. We were warmly welcomed at the Hyatt Regency Churchill and informed that they had rooms ready and we could check-in.
The hotel stay was a prize won by a fellow comper via Last Minute. Five star luxury – comfy room with breakfast and dinner included.

We dumped our bag in the room and had a cup of tea before setting back out to explore Oxford Street. Well we did go to Edgeware Road first as there is a Wetherspoons pub on that road (The Tyburn). Oxford Street was pretty busy and we eventually called it a day at about 5pm, we were both tired – having been up since 6am – and my feet were really shouting at me!

We headed back to the hotel to shower and change ready for dinner. We went down at 7.30 to meet up with our new friends. We had a really tasty dinner from the set menu and lots of laughs talking about competitions. We headed to a local pub for a drink but we gave in to tiredness at 10pm and headed back to the hotel.

I’ll tell you more about our Sunday in London tomorrow. Please stay tuned.

These photos are of Marble Arch (after adding a sepia effect) and London Horse sculpture by Nic Fiddian-Green


One comment on “21/366 Saturday in London

  1. Great photos. I love going to London but despite only being just over an hour away I just don’t get the opportunity.

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