16/366 Home on my own

I usually like being on my own during the day. Hubby works 4 on 4 off – 2 days and 2 nights. On his first day in work I usually do a good dust and hoover, clean the kitchen and toilets/bathroom.  Then it’s settle down and do a few competitions and at about 5pm search for any new jobs added to sites.

Today I woke early – at around 5am. I got up and when hubby went to work at 6am I managed to nab another hour of sleep. I’ve tidied the kitchen and was just about to start the rest of my chores when my son dropped in and asked if I wanted to go to town with him. Well any excuse to get away from the chores…it was nice spending some time with him.

When we came back he decided to go straight home as he has his chores to do too.. (If his old rooms here are anything to go by you’d need Dynorod and a fumigator to attend!)

So I’m here on my own again, still with my list to do..I have cleared out some drawers and fixed the panel back on that fell off the back when we moved them during the decorating we’ve done. But that’s about it – I’m going to give myself another hour on the lappy to get this blog done, check emails and then I’ve got to get on!!

Today’s piccie is of my cat Molly waiting in the hall to be let out at stupid o’clock this morning. I like the eyes!


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