14/366 My grandson fighting off sleep

We looked after our grandson Ashley today. We took for a visit to his Great Nana Mo then popped to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping. He loves sitting in the trolley and everyone ogles him – he loves the attention too!

On our way back home he fell asleep, we managed to get him out of the car in his seat still asleep. However within minutes he was awake again. At nearly 13 months old he’s into everything. He soon made his way commando style (not – no knickers but the way he crawls!) into the kitchen. We settled back into the front room and he became fascinated by me spinning a round coaster.
Our cat Molly came in and settled on the rug. She was spotted by Ashley and he made his way over to her, I was amazed that she actually stayed where she was. Ashley reached out and stroked her head – I couldn’t get the camera out quick enough though. She was up and away and hiding!

Ashley became a bit grumpy as he was still tired. He gets to the point where he’ll laugh and then sit still and have a grump.He fights off sleep for ages, I’m sure he thinks he’ll miss something!

I managed to get this shot of him looking ‘dead beat’


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