Wow here I am 2 days running!!

I’ve been looking through my photos and have been transferring some from Christmas.

During the past 18 months I’ve been brushing up my photography skills and have been tried to put into practise some of the things I’ve learned.

Before I add a picture here are some hints / tips that may help you too.

1. If available on your camera activate the framing feature.  This will add a 3×3 frame box on the screen. Aim to get your main subject in the right or left third and about a third down. This will guide your eye into the picture.

2. Experiment with settings  – either auto via beach, party, portrait etc or if you have a DSLR or a Super compact then experiment with Aperture, Shutter settings.

3. If you want to photograph a building and can’t get it all in, look for a specific part of the architecture – like brick layout, sculptured parts, doorways or other interesting feature and just take a photo of that.

4. Try taking photo at different angles. Look up at tall items, photo through a window or hole in the wall. I like this most of all!

5. Take several pictures of the same thing, change your position, cwtch down, stand on a step,  turn on (or off) lights if inside.

Just experiment it’s surprising what results you can get. So here’s my picture for today – it wasn’t taken today – it was taken in Rhodes Town in October 2010. I first took it standing on a step but couldn’t get it all in so I sat on the step and leaned back.. at one point I thought I was going to fall backwards but a kind local offered to hold me still! This was the result.



2 comments on “11/366

  1. You were in this lovely warm place today – I hate you! No, not really, but it’s raining here – buckets.

    • Sue says:

      Thanks for your comment – my first official one!
      The piccy was taken in October 2010. I’m at home today with nothing of interest to photograph. The photo was to illustrate my new found skills. 🙂

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