Welcome to 2012 – Start of #Project366

I lost interest in blogging at the end of 2011. I could never think of anything interesting and positive to blog about.

This morning I noticed a tweet from honieBukwith a link to her blog HonieMummy Blog. I often feature on some of her posts as I tweet competitions. I clicked on the link and was intrigued by the concept of #Project 366.
After checking back to Day 1 I saw a link to TheBoyAndMe and read more about #Project 366.

Now I’m not promising to blog everyday or to post a photo every day but I will endeavour to update more regularly than I have done and will try to blog at least on a weekly basis.

I try to take pictures regularly, some of my grandson, garden, cat and my local area. I also take photos on holiday.

So my aim here is to post some photos or muse about all sorts of things – perhaps my job hunt, films, days out, competitions, reviews of things I’ve bought or used.

For today then –
My second son moved out just before Christmas and we now have the 3 bedrooms he used to repaint and re-carpet. YES he used 3 of our 4 bedrooms! One – the smallest to sleep in, one used for his PC and printer and one he used as a cinema room – complete with big futon sofa, projector, dvd player and Xbox. He’s now renting a small house a couple of miles away.
Hubby has now more or less painted all 3 rooms but we still have to decide what to do with them now there is just me and him! The smallest room is planned for a dressing room and one of the others will definitely have a spare bed so I don’t have to sleep on the sofa when he’s snoring or I have an attack of insomnia.

It feels strange now without both the boys being at home (the oldest moved out in May 2010).  It’s certainly saving on the food bill!

So that’s it for now. Hope you are going to like my posts and pictures over the coming days and weeks.

Stay safe – Stay Lucky!


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