Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

I was fortunate enough to win an Arc from ThreeUK via Twitter last week.  I had to read the tweet several times for it to sink in that I had won such an awesome phone.

ThreeUK sent it out really quickly and it’s not locked to their network which means all I had to do was insert my sim to get going.

THE BOX – the phone comes with a usb lead and plug to connect to the pc /electric socket, a HDMI lead to connect the phone to the TV to watch video or show photos and a set of headphones. There is also a good quick guide to help you through your first hour.

THE PHONE – It’s really slim and the screen is almost the full size of the phone. As with all Smart phones it has multiple functions, phone, text, camera, music player, radio etc etc.
I found the back cover to be a bit flimsy compared to my old O2 XDA but when it’s attached and fitted to the phone it feels solid enough.
When the SIM and battery were inserted and the back cover fitted I turned it on. The set up was really easy and the phone takes you through each stage quickly. The home page gives access to a further 4 pages which can all be modified to your own liking. I’ve put wi-fi, bluetooth, volume, brightness and data sharing icons on the first page. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Browser on the second page. A clock, calculator and google search on the mid page (the Home page when you unlock the phone screen). All media on the 4th page and left the 5th page as it was – links to help pages etc.
Worth mentioning is that when you enter the home screen the first time all your media updatess are shown as little notes via the Timescape app. I personally didn’t like it as it contained all FB and Twitter updates so I binned it.

All your notifications are shown in a bar at the top of the screen along with wi-fi status, battery and the clock. This bar can be pulled down to show a quick look of what’s there.

On the bottom of the screen are links to Media (music camera and radio), Phone, Contacts, messaging and the full applications listings. These can be modified to your choosing.

Below the screen are 3 function buttons which are a ‘back’, ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’. All pretty much self explanatory.

Setting up email and transferring contacts are a doddle. Just click on the links and follow the screen prompts.

The first time I connected the phone to my laptop it would not install their PC Companion (PCC) software and it downloaded all my Facebook photo galleries and I couldn’t delete them from the phone. I went to the Sony Ericsson site for help but couldn’t find anything.  Hmmm, resorted to Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page and added a comment that another member answered and it was simply to go to the phone settings and check the Sync settings and to downlod PCC from their website. Easy when you know how. Reconnected and all was ok. I used the Media Go section of PCC to upload some music and photos.  I also had the option of updating the software which I did, the only downside of this is that updated the ringtones and took off the one I used for text notifications!

I noticed the first day or so that the battery ran down quite quickly – I thought it was a mixture of me playing with my new toy and playing Angry Birds!  In the settings you can check what is using your battery power and I found that 30% of my power was being used by wi-fi so I turn that off when I’m not wanting to check emails or connect to the internet.

The Sony Ericsson website is worth a visit as the support area has some good video tutorials to help you get more out of your phone.

There are loads of reviews for the Arc and all say it’s a brilliant phone and I have to agree with them. So Thank you again ThreeUK


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