All that panicking for nothing!

I really don’t know what I’ve done recently to get my CV noticed. I was called yesterday by an agency who saw my CV online and want to put me forward for a Team Leader job in Bristol. This one sounds good, it’s only looking after 3 full-time and 1 part-time bods. They are looking for someone to look at processes and I must admit that is my forte.  I’m going to Bristol tomorrow for a registration meeting with the agency so I’m keeping fingers crossed.

The one I wrote about last week has now fallen through. I had a call and email from the agency to say that my CV looked too project/process led and didn’t say enough about coaching. At least that’s valuable feedback for a change. I’ve updated my CV on the back of it to make sure I mention in more detail my coaching skills. I’ve also added that I wrote and delivered training.

Yet another agency called early this afternoon again after seeing my CV online. They were representing the same company as the one last week so were unable to progress any further with them. They are going to keep my CV in mind though.

It amazes me that I’ve taken my foot off the job hunting pedal recently only to be called 4 times in a week by agencies. I’ve only been looking when the fancy takes me, which isn’t often! It’s certainly not the 3+ hours every day like I used to.


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