Do I apply or not?

I was sent an email early today with a link to a job vacancy for a Team Manager in a Call Centre in Cardiff. The centre is already outsourced and although I could do the job – I certainly have the required skills – I can’t help feeling that I would be letting myself in for a whole heap of stress if I got it.

If you don’t know what outsourcing is, basically: Company A pays Company B to provide a service, e.g. Customer service. The employees work for Company B but Company A calls the shots. If Company B doesn’t meet the contracted KPIs they pay fines to Company A.

I worked for a bank that outsourced the IT department and it was horrific. It was very stressful and probably the worst 4+ years of my working life. I don’t mind change – it’s needed to move a business forward, but kneejerk reactions to issues is not the answer.

BUT – If I got the job I would be going in with that experience and IF they are getting the same type of issues then I would be better placed than many to provide answers. However do I really need that stress in my life? I really hate being out of work but don’t want to end up suffering from depression again. MMM it’s quite a dilema.

At this point in time I have given the agency the go ahead to put me forward for the job. Making the decision bought me to tears earlier..but as hubby says if I get it and don’t like it I can resign. We have managed on his pay for the past year so would manage again. ( I do miss earning a fair wedge though!)

If the company accept my application the interview will be on Tuesday.  Still got that sinking feeling deep down though. I’m hoping a friend is online on the weekend so I can discuss it with someone who’s been there too!


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